JNU student accused of sedition to Smriti Irani: Try to attack us as strongly as possible, we will hit back

00:00 Feb 29 2016 New Delhi

Over the last two weeks, the campus has seen constant protests and programmes, both in favour of and against students arrested. Here is the lowdown on the impact of the unfolding events on the university.
Written by Aranya Shankar
New Delhi Published:Feb 29, 2016, 2:52
Former JNUSU vice president Anant Prakash Narayan, who is one of the six students charged with sedition, has written an open letter to HRD Minister Smriti Irani, accusing her government of wanting to turn central universities into a “cemetery for students”.
“In your speech (in Parliament), you shouted repeatedly that politics was being played around Rohith’s death. I don’t believe that you are so naive that you don’t understand that Rohith’s death was caused by saffron politics. Rohith was against right-wing politics, of which you are a part, and he had to pay with his life for that. But he was so noble that he forgave you. Today your government and organisation want to turn central universities into a cemetery for students,” he wrote in an open letter published on Kafila, a website.
He also questioned Irani’s decision to read the names of the suspended students in Parliament on the basis of an interim report. “Are you not aware of principle of natural justice in which you can’t take action against anybody without listening to them. Before reading out names in Parliament should you have not waited for the final report of the enquiry committee?… We don’t expect pity from you, in fact try to attack us as strongly as possible, we will also gather our strength and hit back as strongly,” Narayan wrote.

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